Skrei Cod


Skrei Cod


Since the time the Vikings roamed the seas, the annual arrival of “The Norwegian Miracle” has been cause for celebration.  From the Old Norse, for “wanderer,” Skrei is a true culinary delicacy.

From January through April, every year fully grown Arctic cod, raised in the Barents Sea, make their way to the Loften Islands in search of a mate.  It is for this reason and because of the time of year, they are sometimes called the “Valentine’s Fish.”

400 million Norwegian cod migrate each year and only 10% will qualify for ultra-premium Skrei branding. The Norwegian Cod fishery is the largest and one of the most organized and strictly regulated in the world. All Skrei comes as Marine Stewardship Council certified to ensure a healthy population and environmentally sound process.

Only the Very Best Norwegian Cod Can Be Classified as Skrei

  • Wild-caught between January & April
  • Fully grown (approx. 5 years old)
  • Immaculate condition – no nicks, bruises, or damage
  • Packed within 12 hours of being caught
  • Stored between 32 and 39.2 degrees Farenheit
  • After 12 days the fish must still look appealing, smell fresh and have a good consistency
  • Harvested minutes after landing on the ship & drained with running 0 degree Celsius seawater for 30 minutes.  Packed while in pre-rigor; necessary for optimal shelf life.

information about rigor packing


From H&G:

  • To Skin-On Fillets: 71%
  • To Skin-Off, PBI: 62%
  • To Skin-Off, PBO: 52%

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