Pacu Rib

Only takes 10 minutes to cook properly
5 minutes on the grill and 5 in the oven is all you need
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Piaractus mesopotamicus

Pacu is a fish found exclusively in the Amazon whose diet consists of only plants. Grown through sustainable practices with minimal environmental impact, these fish have a well-balanced robust taste that is perfect for baking, frying, or grilling. Pacu Ribs have a tender meat that falls off the bone. This product is ideal for chefs who are looking for a unique and versatile seafood item.


The difference between fish cooked with and without its bones is enormous, something that’s plainly obvious in this preparation. Juicy, flavorful snow-white meat flakes effortlessly off tiny, needle-like rib bones and melts in your mouth.

These ribs don’t need to be brined & boiled followed by two hours in the oven and four hours on the grill.

The preparation is very simple, like every fish: salt, pepper, olive oil, then you grill, bake or sauté. Many grill it in the same way people grill baby back ribs. They look like baby back ribs, but they’re fish ribs. And they’re done in about ten minutes: five on the grill and five more in a hot oven to crisp up.


Pacu Rib Prep

Cooked Pacu Rib 3

Product Attributes

Line: Frozen Pacu Ribs IQF

Skin-On Racks with Loin

Size: Average 8.5 oz Rib / 4 per Rack

Shelf Life: 18 months from production while frozen; 5 days after being slacked

Net Deglazed Weight & Count

Case Net Weight: 15 # per case

Case Gross Weight: 16.63# per case

Case Pack: 2 x 7.5 # IQF

Carton Dimensions: 15.15″ L x 11.81″ W x 7.87″ H

Case Cube: .82 cubic feet

72 cases per pallet

Raw Pacu Rib Slack IndividualRaw Pacu Rib Slack Individual 2





Professional Coverage

Guy Fieri from Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives Reviews Pacu Ribs

NBC Washington Affiliate Cooks Pacu Ribs


2 thoughts on “Pacu Rib

  1. I am trying to source these ribs for a
    Customer. What is your availability and how much lead time do you need to fill orders? Also. What is your preferred shipping method?


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